Island Harbor

Island Harbor Construction needs no introduction, as we have worked all over the world providing the best construction and building projects as subcontractors. We have been building docks, river homes and even house boats for customers and potential home owners around the world for the last 80 years. We have travelled the world as builders because we are the premier experts when it comes to river home building. We love working with beaches, rivers and other types of little resorts, as we know how amazing those homes can be.

We love working around the world, because we have had the chance to experience many different cultures, meet so many different people and most importantly, build the most amazing of homes every chance we have gotten. We have loved every moment of it and I do not plan on retiring early because I want to continue enjoying the time that I do get. Very rarely in life do you get to be a business owner and love the job that you do on a day to day basis, but I was very blessed.

I have managed to work in every continent in the world, and one of the main aims of Island Harbor is to work in every country in the world at some point. We want to be the first construction company in the world that has gotten to build a home globally. This is a mean feat, and it would not only be a world record, it would also be history made.

There are a few obvious road blocks trying to build in every country in the world, not to mention that not every company has a beach or a river. I know that sounds stupid but look at countries like Mongolia. But we plan on trying as hard as possible.

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