Greek Mansion in Thailand

Four jobs stick out in my memory that I loved to work in the past. Two of them were in England, one was in Switzerland and the final job was in Thailand. These jobs were not amazing because of the way we managed to complete the project or anything else, but the jobs were amazing for many different reasons.

The first that I want to speak about was the project in Thailand. We built a small resort on the top of a view point on one of the small islands, called Koh Tao. Now, if you have ever been to Thailand, the islands or even some other parts of Asia, you know that the building and construction principles are relatively the same. They use the same raw materials, same structural foundations and so on. The houses there are beautiful, but they aren’t unique.

So that is why I loved this project so much. The resort was completely unlike any resort that has ever been built in Thailand. Now I must mention, this is a private resort, so I am not allowed to talk about it in terms of location or specifics. But the home owner was Greek, and while he loved Thailand and the weather, he wanted something that felt like home.

We built the home owner a mini resort that was decorated and painted to look like a classic Greek mansion. The symbols, patterns, artwork and even white pane stone had looked as perfect and ancient as possible. That was part of the beauty.

The other part of the beauty was the panting within the floor of the pool. We had depicted an ancient Olympic wrestling match and I am not kidding when I say I think it was the most beautiful piece of art work I have ever seen, made from the best paints.

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