River Home in Manchester, England

The next beautiful home that we built as a subcontracted company was in Manchester, England, where we had built a lovely little river home for a loft conversions Manchester based company. They were extremely in over their own heads when it came to this project, as they had been approached by an ex soccer player to build a countryside home. They had claimed the ability to build a home, but it was difficult of them to do.

Because the home owner of the home that was built was relatively rich in every sense of the word, we were able to be subcontracted for a very, very good fee. That’s partially why the project was so good for us! But the real reason the job was so perfect for us is because we were able to be so creative when it came to the construction and design of the home itself.

We managed to build what was essentially a home constructed on the riverbed itself. The amount of legal battles and approvals we had to get was overwhelming, and almost as difficult as the production itself. But fortunately for us, we decided to build a massive filtration unit in the riverbed of the home to make the river safer for consumption rather than more toxic and poisonous due to any contaminants left by the home.

The home itself was a four-story home that launched from one side of the river bed to the over, arching over and a deck built on the side of the home that overlooks the river directly. It was beautiful and selling the home especially when considering the safety of the river bed and how inconspicuous the home is itself, it must be worth millions. It’s the project that we are most proud of, and wish we had ourselves!

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