Mountain Home in Switzerland

The Switzerland project that we completed that I think may be one of the most amazing projects we had the chance to work on is also one of my favourites. The project itself is what you would describe as a humble ranch home, yet the location of the home itself was perfectly situated. The country has the lovely alps situated in the middle of the country, and the view that comes with such a beautiful mountaintop is obvious to any that has ever visited. So, when you consider how amazing this house was and the design features, it may be the best home in Europe.

We made sure to correctly insulate the home so as little electricity as possible was needed for us to consider the home truly “green”. We also had to make sure that the heating of the home itself would spread into each room evenly, without keeping sections of the house a different temperature to ensure absolute consistency.

The next important thing to make sure when building such an ambition ranch house is to make sure the cattle and other animals are correctly and adequately protected. It would be so easy for a chicken, cow or any other animal to easy fall off the mountain or into a slope they don’t see coming. So, we made sure to accurately guard and seal the property from any potential pitfalls to the animal.

Finally, the best thing about the ranch was what we liked to call the “sky deck”. This isn’t something I would ever use because I am absolutely terrified of heights. But we constructed a massive sky deck for the home owner to walk out onto, and it stretched over one of the cliffs of the mountain for maintenance. We had to make it clear that this could only be used at certain times of the year for safety.

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