Dock in Tyne, England

The last company that we were able to work with and had an immense and fun time working on was the docks that we created for the Great British government in Newcastle. The trade in Newcastle as been up and down for years as I heard about from the local fishermen, but we were tasked with building a port in the gulf of Sunderland to make as much activity within the Tyneside area as possible.

Along with us, we worked with a loft conversion Newcastle company to build the roof of the dock. They were a very large company and specialized in the creation and living space of homes around the area, but they were able to work on the project of making sure that the storage space and living quarters of the dock itself was built perfectly.

We oversaw creating the main docks to ensure complete safety of any boats that were tying in. Now, this was a bit before my time, but I hear that there were a few good stories with the fishermen and sailors around the area, and the builders that we sent over apparently loved drinking just as much.

There was one night that after the docks were built that the sailors and fishermen took a large boat out to the see drunk as a barrel, and they tried to sail over to Holland for the sake of it. But what our company’s management didn’t know at the time was a bunch of the builders that were meant to construct the storage space has taken off on the boat too, thinking that they were going to come back after a few hours.

Needless to say, a few people were fired, and the rest were sent back home to make sure that they knew they were punished. That was until management was caught doing the exact same a month after!

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