Dock in Tyne, England

The last company that we were able to work with and had an immense and fun time working on was the docks that we created for the Great British government in Newcastle. The trade in Newcastle as been up and down for years as I heard about from the local fishermen, but we were tasked with building a port in the gulf of Sunderland to make as much activity within the Tyneside area as possible.

Along with us, we worked with a loft conversion Newcastle company to build the roof of the dock. They were a very large company and specialized in the creation and living space of homes around the area, but they were able to work on the project of making sure that the storage space and living quarters of the dock itself was built perfectly.

We oversaw creating the main docks to ensure complete safety of any boats that were tying in. Now, this was a bit before my time, but I hear that there were a few good stories with the fishermen and sailors around the area, and the builders that we sent over apparently loved drinking just as much.

There was one night that after the docks were built that the sailors and fishermen took a large boat out to the see drunk as a barrel, and they tried to sail over to Holland for the sake of it. But what our company’s management didn’t know at the time was a bunch of the builders that were meant to construct the storage space has taken off on the boat too, thinking that they were going to come back after a few hours.

Needless to say, a few people were fired, and the rest were sent back home to make sure that they knew they were punished. That was until management was caught doing the exact same a month after!

Mountain Home in Switzerland

The Switzerland project that we completed that I think may be one of the most amazing projects we had the chance to work on is also one of my favourites. The project itself is what you would describe as a humble ranch home, yet the location of the home itself was perfectly situated. The country has the lovely alps situated in the middle of the country, and the view that comes with such a beautiful mountaintop is obvious to any that has ever visited. So, when you consider how amazing this house was and the design features, it may be the best home in Europe.

We made sure to correctly insulate the home so as little electricity as possible was needed for us to consider the home truly “green”. We also had to make sure that the heating of the home itself would spread into each room evenly, without keeping sections of the house a different temperature to ensure absolute consistency.

The next important thing to make sure when building such an ambition ranch house is to make sure the cattle and other animals are correctly and adequately protected. It would be so easy for a chicken, cow or any other animal to easy fall off the mountain or into a slope they don’t see coming. So, we made sure to accurately guard and seal the property from any potential pitfalls to the animal.

Finally, the best thing about the ranch was what we liked to call the “sky deck”. This isn’t something I would ever use because I am absolutely terrified of heights. But we constructed a massive sky deck for the home owner to walk out onto, and it stretched over one of the cliffs of the mountain for maintenance. We had to make it clear that this could only be used at certain times of the year for safety.

River Home in Manchester, England

The next beautiful home that we built as a subcontracted company was in Manchester, England, where we had built a lovely little river home for a loft conversions Manchester based company. They were extremely in over their own heads when it came to this project, as they had been approached by an ex soccer player to build a countryside home. They had claimed the ability to build a home, but it was difficult of them to do.

Because the home owner of the home that was built was relatively rich in every sense of the word, we were able to be subcontracted for a very, very good fee. That’s partially why the project was so good for us! But the real reason the job was so perfect for us is because we were able to be so creative when it came to the construction and design of the home itself.

We managed to build what was essentially a home constructed on the riverbed itself. The amount of legal battles and approvals we had to get was overwhelming, and almost as difficult as the production itself. But fortunately for us, we decided to build a massive filtration unit in the riverbed of the home to make the river safer for consumption rather than more toxic and poisonous due to any contaminants left by the home.

The home itself was a four-story home that launched from one side of the river bed to the over, arching over and a deck built on the side of the home that overlooks the river directly. It was beautiful and selling the home especially when considering the safety of the river bed and how inconspicuous the home is itself, it must be worth millions. It’s the project that we are most proud of, and wish we had ourselves!

Greek Mansion in Thailand

Four jobs stick out in my memory that I loved to work in the past. Two of them were in England, one was in Switzerland and the final job was in Thailand. These jobs were not amazing because of the way we managed to complete the project or anything else, but the jobs were amazing for many different reasons.

The first that I want to speak about was the project in Thailand. We built a small resort on the top of a view point on one of the small islands, called Koh Tao. Now, if you have ever been to Thailand, the islands or even some other parts of Asia, you know that the building and construction principles are relatively the same. They use the same raw materials, same structural foundations and so on. The houses there are beautiful, but they aren’t unique.

So that is why I loved this project so much. The resort was completely unlike any resort that has ever been built in Thailand. Now I must mention, this is a private resort, so I am not allowed to talk about it in terms of location or specifics. But the home owner was Greek, and while he loved Thailand and the weather, he wanted something that felt like home.

We built the home owner a mini resort that was decorated and painted to look like a classic Greek mansion. The symbols, patterns, artwork and even white pane stone had looked as perfect and ancient as possible. That was part of the beauty.

The other part of the beauty was the panting within the floor of the pool. We had depicted an ancient Olympic wrestling match and I am not kidding when I say I think it was the most beautiful piece of art work I have ever seen, made from the best paints.

Island Harbor

Island Harbor Construction needs no introduction, as we have worked all over the world providing the best construction and building projects as subcontractors. We have been building docks, river homes and even house boats for customers and potential home owners around the world for the last 80 years. We have travelled the world as builders because we are the premier experts when it comes to river home building. We love working with beaches, rivers and other types of little resorts, as we know how amazing those homes can be.

We love working around the world, because we have had the chance to experience many different cultures, meet so many different people and most importantly, build the most amazing of homes every chance we have gotten. We have loved every moment of it and I do not plan on retiring early because I want to continue enjoying the time that I do get. Very rarely in life do you get to be a business owner and love the job that you do on a day to day basis, but I was very blessed.

I have managed to work in every continent in the world, and one of the main aims of Island Harbor is to work in every country in the world at some point. We want to be the first construction company in the world that has gotten to build a home globally. This is a mean feat, and it would not only be a world record, it would also be history made.

There are a few obvious road blocks trying to build in every country in the world, not to mention that not every company has a beach or a river. I know that sounds stupid but look at countries like Mongolia. But we plan on trying as hard as possible.